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Although there is a way of predicting whether an adult ball python is a male or a female by its size, this form of prediction is nowhere near perfectly accurate, as every ball python is different, and in combination with environmental factors, will grow to a unique size regardless of its gender.

That being said, if you don’t feel comfortable popping your ball python yourself, if you don’t want to bother going to someone who knows how to do it, and if you just want to estimate, say because you don’t really care either way which gender your ball python is because you won’t be breeding your pet, predicting a ball python’s gender based on size might be a good option for you.

But we all know that when it comes to Christmas celebrations, finding a great outfit is never easy.

And when it’s not simply a dress you need, this can bring added stress.

The end of term and the run up to Christmas is a great time to relax and let loose.

And what better way to celebrate than attending all the balls and parties that University has to offer?

Security staff at the club told police they thought the gun may have been a fake.

Police could not yet confirm whether the firearm was real or an imitation but said it was being investigated.“When a firearm is pointed at you in these circumstances, police are not sure at that stage whether it is real or an imitation,” Supt Hardeman said.“That will be part of the investigation.”The man was shot in the torso and taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital under police guard in a critical condition.

The “rockers, punks and goths” themed ball was aimed at “broad-minded adults” and tickets sold for per person.

The Radio 2 DJ has now vowed to ‘have more sex’ in the wake of entering this new stage of her life, describing it as her ‘last hurrah’.

Summer is just around the corner, which we think is cause for celebration.

And what better way to welcome the new season than with a new bag?

We couldn't help but covet the fringe embellished bucket bag we spotted Zoe Ball carrying when she was pictured out and about in London.

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