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Critics dismissed it a “schoolboy’s fantasy”, while Elliott himself said, “it is not a picture I would buy”, for it had only the appeal of a voyeuristic postcard.

But it didn’t deter hundreds of thousands of schoolboys to grace their bedroom walls with it. It was parodied in advertisements, served as the background of Spitting Image and various celebrities (including Alan Carr and Kylie Minogue) reenacted it.

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When it was discovered that he was taking photos, the Turkish authorities sent him to work on cholera wards, hoping he would inevitably perish.

He survived and left for Constantinople with photographic plates hidden in his clothes.

Lamelgardiner med mørklægning egner sig godt til store vinduespartier.

Stofgardiner med mørklægning har foruden den lysdæmpende virkning også en god indvirkning på akustikken i rummet.

Taken at the end of the long hot summer in September 1976, the photo was not an accidental shot.Når vinduerne er svært tilgængelige kan motorisering af gardinerne være løsningen. Her har kunden valgt mørklægningsrullegardiner med motor og fjernbetjening.Strømmen leveres fra et batterirør og kan tilsluttes uden at kontakte en elinstallatør. Under UNIG Lux og UNIG Basic rullegardiner kan du se alternative muligheder. Et at de mest anvendte er mørklægningsrullegardiner.On the night of April 24th, over 250 Armenian academics and intellectuals were rounded up and executed — a beginning of a grotesque prosecution that left up to 1.5 million dead.It was also one of the century’s first atrocities to be photographically covered; in addition to anonymous photographs, there are signed and documented photographs that supported eyewitness accounts. Wegner, stationed with the 6th Ottoman Army, took a series of photographs of dying and dead Armenians.

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