Safe dating techniques

Dating can determine compatibility, which may ultimately lead to intimacy; preferably consensual. Clothing options that are sexually distracting to the average male can place a higher emphasis on physical sexuality rather than getting to know who you are.

Women who do not want to have sexual relations with their date and wish to avoid date rape will benefit from following ten safety precautions listed below. Appearance, clothing on or off, is not the reason for assault.

Crimes within relationships occur more frequently than crimes committed by strangers and can be just as psychologically and physically devastating.

Be sure to tell your parents who you're going with, where you plan to go and what time you expect to return home, too.

These safety tips are listed in order of their probable occurrence in dating situations. When dating to get to know someone better, dating safety is enhanced with the understanding that abusive males, especially rapists, have cognitive distortions, impulse control problems, social irregularities, and resentment toward women that affect their thoughts, perspective, and behavior.

Appearance is skin deep aided by what clothes can cover or reveal.

Dating is a time of novelty, excitement and infatuation, but it can be dangerous if your path intersects with a sexual predator or abusive intimate partner.

Though these sections are written from a heterosexual perspective, bi-sexual and homosexual individuals may also benefit by better avoiding involvement with same-gender abusive personalities who can also engage in sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

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