Dating an istj

Drenth Thought to comprise over 10% of the general population, “ISTJ” is among the most commonly encountered personality types, outnumbering the INTJ at a clip of ten to one.

If ESPs are the hares of the sixteen types, ISTJs are the tortoises.

If your closest personality type is ISTJ then you are interested in clarity and knowledge.

You like to observe and listen, and have a particular interest in facts and information which help you to develop as clear a knowledge as possible.

ISTJs are the sensible, prefect type of characters, who want to get it right and “do good.” Their value to the team is protectionfrom mistakes, from omissions, from self-delusion, and from going off-track. Ideas, complexity, and imagination are of value only if they lead to a practical end result.

ISTJs need to be clear on what is expected so that they can plan and work with consistent and steady energy toward completion.

They make loyal friends and companions and are admired for their devotion, steadfastness, and perseverance.

ISTJs are among the most loyal, dutiful, and responsible of the types.

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The more often they do something in a particular way, the harder it is for them to break out of that pattern.

This not only applies to their behavioral habits, but also to their beliefs and worldview, as many ISTJs continue in the same belief system in which they were raised.

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