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She’s killing it in Suits and she’s been on Mad Men.

My diet is 80 percent vegetarian and I eat all day long. I found eating three big meals I felt too full and got tired especially after lunch.

Richie Sambora hit the red carpet at Keep A Child Alive’s 8th annual Black Ball gala in New York City on Thursday night, and while the Bon Jovi rocker is serious about philanthropy and supporting the AIDS cause, he was all smiles when it came to that question about dating – once again — Denise Richards.The two now have three children, and Hart is quite the busy mom!In 2010 she reunited with her ex-co-star Joey Lawrence, to work on the ABC Family comedy series to play Valerie Malone, the bad girl. Hey Carmen, it’s my birthday in two weeks and you are invited! For a woman who’s got to constantly deal with a nutjob of an ex-husband, Denise Richards actually looks pretty damn good. God bless a girl who shows up to events in sexy evening wear.

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