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I had expected that I would sort of swagger in and take charge of the situation, my sisters being cowed by what a tall, good looking, educated and confident young man I had become. It's really exciting, they jerk off looking at my videos and write me telling me how they want me to pee on them. Lots of them are really submissive, or sissies, and that's not what I want. I just want a man that I can force to drink my piss," she giggled with a bit of a blush. It was kind of funny, but not really a turn on." "You peed on him? So it never really went anywhere past that." "Oh my God, that's so amazing! So that's the only guy I met in person that I really did anything with." I sat there, trying to look calm while my pulse was racing a mile a minute. I know we haven't even mentioned it in, like, forever, but it's obviously affected us in a real serious way." "Yeah, wow," said Marion. I was a kid, and now I'm grown up, so it's all behind me now." I swallowed hard. " I knew I didn't have a choice, so I straightened my head and opened my mouth. Her stream of urine was like a dam bursting, gushing forth in a yellow flood. I gently encircled her muscular thighs with my arms, holding her down in place on my open mouth. She slowly rose, trance-like, unzipped her pants and lowered them to the ground along with her thong-panties. It tasted so sweet, so wonderful; frothy and bubbly, burning hot and savoury, like I could taste the pureness of all the love in her soul venting through her urethra.

Instead, I was stunned by their good looks and easy mannerisms. I love it." "Yeah, you'll have to let me check that out too! My rigid erection strained against my trousers as I tried to subtly conceal it, wondering how long it was going to be before I shot a load right there in my pants. "I wonder if we played the pee game because of who we are, or if we're who we are because we played the pee game? My face was burning bright red in embarrassment, and I'm sure I was sweating. Kathy swung a leg over me and squatted down over my face. I opened my eyes too, and saw Kathy's crotch directly above me. It filled my mouth quickly and I swallowed a huge gulp of her salty piss. Another squirt of urine hit my tongue and flowed to the back of my throat. Then her stream began in earnest, a hot jet of golden salty piss, a taste experience beyond this realm, that I hungrily drank down, sucking it out of her pussy as she produced it. " I sucked harder on her vulva, drawing out her urine with as much force as I could. I don't ever want to force you again, unless you want that. I swallowed, and swallowed again, overcome with joy and utter contentment as I sucked the piss out of Marion.

Leslee had a nice, modern furnished apartment downtown, spacious and comfortable. " "I dated a guy named Mike for a while," said Leslee. He liked it, but he was into the whole humiliation/fetish thing. That was really, really exciting, but yeah, he was weird. Lots of really older guys on that website into that though, kinda creepy. But you all see where I'm going with this, don't you? "It all links back to the pee game we played with Tom. "Well, I, um, you know..." I stammered, "It's sort of something that I don't think about too much. She was sopping wet, and I opened as wide as I could, and enveloped her pudenda with my lips. She looked down with an adoring gaze, and I thought I saw a tear form in the corner of her eye. I felt not intimidated, or humiliated by my sisters, but like they had lifted me up to a new level of self-worth and confidence, and I felt nothing but gratitude and tenderness towards them. " breathed Marion, her tears abating as she beamed a wide smile. You're my sisters, and I know that you love me, and I love all of you.

We greeted each other, hugged, poured a couple of glasses of wine, and started chatting. " "Just once, but there doesn't seem to be anybody really in my area that I'm interested in. "I have tried to get some of my boyfriends to play with my pee, but the closest I could get was Brad. And he watched me pee on the toilet a couple of times while he stroked himself. He wanted me to put a dog collar on him and lead him around by a leash. He was into poop and diapers and all sorts of things. They want you to dress up in schoolgirl uniforms and stuff. We're all looking for what we got out of that game. I mean, I know it happened and stuff, but I don't let it affect me. It had been so long since I had seen her pussy, yet here it was again, like some memory from a dream or a nightmare, firmly planted on my open mouth. I trickle of her pee entered my mouth, and I swallowed it down. Then she closed her eyes and I felt her urine begin shooting into my mouth. "Well, that was the single, best experience of my life," said Leslee. "Well, I think we all learned something tonight," said Kathy. I didn't know what we started back then, but I know now what it means to all of us.

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